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December 8, 1998, last updated March 14, 2016 -- This page has an alphabetical listing of all my movie reviews of titles, starting with titles which begin with numbers (as opposed to numbers spelled out, so 11 is on this page, but the word eleven is on the page of films starting with the letter “e”) followed by titles beginning with the letters A and B.

There is also an index for the rest of the film vault (over 5,000 and counting). The index is organized on web pages showing film titles starting with the letters C and D (C-D), E through G, (E-G), H-I, J-L, M-N, O-Q, R-S and T-Z. I used to put the titles beginning with numbers in alphabetical order, as if they were spelled out, but now titles beginning with numerals are all in this page, in numerical order (well, as much as I can, given that some titles are time of day, others are amounts of money, and so on with fractions, minutes and hours, etc.).

Those little red stars are to indicate how well I liked the movie. Four stars is the highest rating, an A, or excellent, and "bomb" is the lowest rating, an F. Three stars is good, two stars is average and one star is poor. You get the idea. The stars are the numerical equivalent of the A, B, C, D, F rating in my reviews (this can also be easily converted to a 1-5, a 1-9, or a 1-10 rating system if you prefer, since I use pluses and minuses in the letter-based ratings and half stars in the star-based rating system. However you look at it, it is pretty much the same movie rating system most critics use). I don't use A+ ratings. That's grade inflation. I'm old school when it comes to grades.

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A through B (this page)
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2 Days in New York[3 stars]
2 Days in the Valley[3.5 stars]
2 Fast 2 Furious[2.5 stars]
2 Guns[3 stars]
3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets[3 stars]
3:10 to Yuma (2007)[3.5 stars]
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
(4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile)
[3 stars]
The 5th Wave[3 stars]
8 Mile[3 stars]
8 Women[1.5 stars]
9[2 stars]
10 Cloverfield Lane[3.5 stars]
12 Monkeys[3 stars]
12 O'Clock Boys[2.5 stars]
12 Years a Slave[4 stars]
13 Assassins[3.5 stars]
13 Conversations About One Thing[3 stars]
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi[3 stars]
13th[4 stars]
15 Minutes[2 stars]
16 to Life[3 stars]
20 Days in Mariupol[4 stars]
21 Grams[3 stars]
21[2 stars]
22 July[3 stars]
22 Jump Street[3 stars]
24 Hour Party People[2 stars]
27 Dresses[3 stars]
28 Days[2.5 stars]
28 Days Later[3 stars]
28 Weeks Later[1 star]
The 40 Year-Old Virgin[3 stars]
42[3 stars]
45 Years[3 stars]
50/50[3 stars]
54[4 stars]
61*[3 stars]
99 Homes[3 stars]
101 Dalmations[1.5 stars]
102 Dalmatians[1.5 stars]
127 Hours[3 stars]
200 Cigarettes[2.5 stars]
300[3 stars]
The 300 Spartans[2.5 stars]
360[3 stars]
500 Days of Summer[3 stars]
1408[3 stars]
1883 (DVD of Yellowstone origins series)[2.5 stars]
1917[4 stars]
1976 Hunt vs. Lauda[3 stars]
2012[2.5 stars]
The 2018 World Series:
The Official Documentary from Major League Baseball
[4 stars]
2018 World Series Collector's Edition: Boston Red Sox[4 stars]
2046[3 stars]
3000 Miles to Graceland[2.5 stars]
10,000 B.C.[3 stars]
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail[3 stars]
The ABCs of Death[1 star]
Abominable[4 stars]
About a Boy[3 stars]
About Elly[3 stars]
About Schmidt[4 stars]
Above the Rim[2 stars]
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter[2 stars]
Absolute Power[3 stars]
Abuse of Weakness (Abus de faiblesse)[2.5 stars]
The Academy of Muses (La academia de las musas)[2 stars]
The Accountant[3 stars]
A Chiara[3 stars]
Across the Universe[3 stars]
The Act of Killing[4 stars]
Actress[2 stars]
Ad Astra[3 stars]
Adam Resurrected[3 stars]
The Addams Family[2 stars]
Addams Family Values[3 stars]
Addicted to Love[2 stars]
The Adjustment Bureau[3 stars]
Adventureland[3 stars]
The Adventures of Joe Dirt[2 stars]
The Adventures of Pluto Nash[2 stars]
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle[3 stars]
The Adventures of Tintin[3 stars]
Aerial America: New England Collection[3 stars]
The Aeronauts[3.5 stars]
Aftersun[1.5 stars]
After Tiller[4 stars]
Agent Cody Banks[3 stars]
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London[no stars]
The Age of Innocence[1 star]
A.I. Artificial Intelligence[4 stars]
Ailey[3 stars]
Ain't Them Bodies Saints[3 stars]
Air[3.5 stars]
Air Force One[3 stars]
Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry[3.5 stars]
Akeelah and the Bee[4 stars]
Akira[3 stars]
Aladdin (1992)[4 stars]
Aladdin (2019)[2.5 stars]
The Alamo (2004)[2 stars]
Alan Partridge[3 stars]
Alas de mariposa (Butterfly Wings)[2.5 stars]
Albert Nobbs[3 stars]
Alexander[1.5 stars]
Ali[2.5 stars]
Alice in Wonderland (2010)[3 stars]
Alice Through the Looking Glass[3 stars]
Alien 3[2 stars]
Alien Resurrection[3 stars]
Alien: Covenant[2.5 stars]
Aliens of the Abyss (IMAX 3D)[3 stars]
Alita: Battle Angel[2.5 stars]
Alive[3 stars]
Alive and Kicking[3.5 stars]
All Dogs Go to Heaven[2.5 stars]
All Good Things[3 stars]
All In: The Fight For Democracy[3 stars]
All is Lost[3 stars]
All Light Everywhere[2.5 stars]
All of Us Strangers[4 stars]
All or Nothing[2 stars]
All Quiet on the Western Front[4 stars]
All That Breathes[4 stars]
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed[3.5 stars]
All the Money in the World[3 stars]
All the Pretty Horses[4 stars]
Almost Famous[4 stars]
Along Came a Spider[2.5 stars]
Always[2.5 stars]
Amandla[2 stars]
Amazing Grace[4 stars]
Amazing Grace (2019)[3 stars]
Amazing Space[3 stars]
The Amazing Spider-Man[3 stars]
The Amazing Spider-Man 2[3 stars]
Amélíe[3 stars]
The American[2 stars]
American Beauty[3 stars]
American Factory[3 stars]
American Fiction[4 stars]
American Gangster[3.5 stars]
American Hustle[4 stars]
American Made[3 stars]
American Pie[3 stars]
American Pie 2[2 stars]
The American President[3 stars]
American Sniper[4 stars]
American Splendor [4 stars]
American Symphony[4 stars]
American Underdog[3 stars]
American Utopia[3.5 stars]
America's Sweethearts[2.5 stars]
Amistad[4 stars]
Ammonite[3 stars]
Among the Believers[3 stars]
Amy[3 stars]
Anaconda[2 stars]
Analyze This[3.5 stars]
Anastasia[2.5 stars]
Anatomy of a Fall[4 stars]
Angel Eyes[3 stars]
Angels Crest[3 stars]
Angels & Demons[3 stars]
Angels in America[4 stars]
Anger Management[2 stars]
Angus[4 stars]
The Animal[1.5 stars]
Anna and the King[2 stars]
Anna Karenina[3.5 stars]
Annihilation[2.5 stars]
Anomalisa[3 stars]
Another Earth[3 stars]
Another Round[3 stars]
Anthropoid[3 stars]
Anti Matter[3 stars]
Antitrust[2.5 stars]
Ant-Man[3 stars]
Ant-Man and the Wasp[3 stars]

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania[2.5 stars]
Antwone Fisher[4 stars]
Antz[3.5 stars]
Anvil: The Story of Anvil[4 stars]
Any Given Sunday[3 stars]
Anything Else[2 stars]
Apocalypse Now Redux[3 stars]
Apocalypto[2.5 stars]
Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood[3 stars]
Apollo 13[4 stars]
The Apostle[4 stars]
Appaloosa[3 stars]
Aquaman[3 stars]
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom[3 stars]
Arbitrage[3.5 stars]
Arctic[3 stars]
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret[4 stars]
Argentina, 1985[4 stars]
Argo[3 stars]
The Aristocrats[2 stars]
Arlington Road[2.5 stars]
Armageddon[2.5 stars]
The Armor of Light[3 stars]
Army of Darkness[3 stars]
Around the World in 80 Days (2004)[half star]
Arrival[3 stars]
The Arrival[3.5 stars]
Art and Craft[3 stars]
Arthur Christmas[2.5 stars]
Arthur and the Invisibles, the Minimoy trilogy[2 stars]
The Artist[3 stars]
The Art of War[1.5 stars]
As Good as it Gets[2.5 stars]
The Assassin[2 stars]
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford[3 stars]
The Assassination of Richard Nixon[3 stars]
Assassins[2 stars]
The Assignment[3 stars]
Asteroid City[3 stars]
Astro Boy[3 stars]
The Astronaut's Wife[2.5 stars]
The Astronaut Farmer[3 stars]
Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner)[2.5 stars]
The A-Team[3 stars]
At First Sight[2.5 stars]
Athlete A[4 stars]
Atlantis: The Lost Empire[3 stars]
Atomic Blonde[2.5 stars]
Atonement[3 stars]
Attack the Block[3 stars]
August: Osage County[3 stars]
August Rush[3 stars]
Austin Powers in Goldmember[2 stars]
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery[3 stars]
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me[2.5 stars]
Australia[3 stars]
Auto Focus[2 stars]
Autumn in New York[2 stars]
Avatar[4 stars]
Avatar: The Way of Water[3.5 stars]
The Avengers[3.5 stars]
Avengers: Age of Ultron[2.5 stars]
Avengers: Infinity War[2.5 stars]
Avengers: Endgame[3 stars]
Avenue Montaigne (Fauteuils d'orchestre)[3 stars]
The Aviator[4 stars]
Awakenings[3 stars]
Away From Her[3 stars]
Away We Go[3.5 stars]

[strip of film rule] B [strip of film rule]

Baadasssss![4 stars]
The Babadook[4 stars]
Babe: A Pig in the City[3 stars]
Babel[2.5 stars]
Babies[3 stars]
Baby Boy[4 stars]
Baby Driver[3.5 stars]
Backdraft[2.5 stars]
Back to God's Country[2 stars]
Back to the Future II[2.5 stars]
Back to the Future III[2.5 stars]
Bacurau[3 stars]
The Bad Batch[3 stars]
The Bad Guys[3 stars]
Bad Boys for Life[2.5 stars]
Bad Boys: Ride or Die[2.5 stars]
Bad Education (La Mala educación)[2.5 stars]
Bad Hair[3 stars]
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans[3 stars]
Bad Santa [3.5 stars]
Bait[2.5 stars]
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs[3 stars]
Ballet 422[3 stars]
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever[1 star]
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever DVD[2 stars]
Bandit Queen[3 stars]
Bandits[3 stars]
The Banger Sisters[3 stars]
The Bank Job [4 stars]
Bangkok Dangerous[1 star]
The Banshees of Inisherin[3 stars]
The Barbarian Invasions [4 stars]
Barbie[2.5 stars]
Barb Wire[3 stars]
Barbershop[3 stars]
Barbershop 2: Back in Business[2.5 stars]
Barbershop: The Next Cut[3 stars]
Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths[3.5 stars]
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals[2 stars]
Baseball's Greatest Games: 1975 World Series Game 6[4 stars]
Baseball's Greatest Games: 2003 ALCS game 7[3 stars]
Baseball's Greatest Games: 2004 ALCS game 4[4 stars]
Basic Instinct[2 stars]
The Batman[3 stars]
Batman Begins[3 stars]
Batman Returns[2 stars]
Batman Forever[2.5 stars]
Batman and Robin[3 stars]
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice[2 stars]
Battlefield Earth[2 stars]
Battle of the Bulge: Wunderland[1 star]
Battle of the Sexes[3 stars]
Battleship[3 stars]
The Beach[2 stars]
The Beach Bum[2.5 stars]
Beach Rats[3 stars]
Beanpole[3 stars]
Beasts of No Nation[4 stars]
Beasts of the Southern Wild[3.5 stars]
Beautiful Creatures[3 stars]
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood[3 stars]
A Beautiful Mind[3 stars]
A Beautiful Mind (DVD review)[3 stars]
Beauty and the Beast (Original version)[4 stars]
Beauty and the Beast (Large Format Special Edition)[4 stars]
Beauty and the Beast (2017)[3 stars]
Beavis and Butthead Do America[2 stars]
Beba[2 stars]
Because I Was a Painter[3 stars]
Becoming Jane[2 stars]
Be Cool[2 stars]
Bedazzled[2 stars]
The Beekeeper[3 stars]
Bee Movie[2 stars]
Before Midnight[3 stars]
Before Night Falls[2.5 stars]
Before Sunset[3 stars]
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead[4 stars]
Before the Flood[3 stars]
Begin Again[4 stars]
Beginners[3 stars]
Behemoth[3 stars]
Behind Enemy Lines[2 stars]
Being Evel[3 stars]
Being John Malkovich[3 stars]
Being Julia[3 stars]
Being the Ricardos[4 stars]
Be Kind Rewind[2.5 stars]
Belfast[4 stars]
Bellflower[3 stars]
Beloved[3 stars]
Bend it Like Beckham[3 stars]
Ben is Back[3 stars]
Benjamin Smoke[2 stars]
Ben X[3 stars]
Beowulf (2007)[3 stars]
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel[3 stars]
Best of Enemies[4 stars]
A Better Life[3 stars]
Beyond the Black Rainbow[1 star]
Beyond the Visible — Hilma af Klint[2.5 stars]
Beyond Utopia[4 stars]
The BFG[3 stars]
Bicentennial Man[3 stars]
Big Bad Wolves[3 stars]
The Big Bounce[2.5 stars]
Big Daddy[2.5 stars]
Big Fan[3 stars]
Big Fat Liar[2.5 stars]
Big Fat Liar (DVD review)[3 stars]
Big Fish[3.5 stars]
Bigger, Stronger, Faster[4 stars]
The Biggest Little Farm[3 stars]
Big Hero 6[4 stars]
The Big Hit[2.5 stars]
The Big Lebowski[2.5 stars]
Big Momma's House[3 stars]
The Big One[3 stars]
The Big Short[3 stars]
The Big Sick[3 stars]
Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me[2.5 stars]
The Bikeriders[3 stars]
Bill and Ted Face the Music[3 stars]
Billy Elliot[3 stars]
Birdman[3 stars]
Birds of Prey (2020)[3 stars]
Birth of a Nation (2016)[3 stars]
Black Adam[2.5 stars]
Black Book[3 stars]
The Black Dahlia[2.5 stars]
Black Death[2 stars]
Blackfish[4 stars]
Black Hawk Down[4 stars]
BlacKkKlansman[4 stars]
Black Magic[3 stars]
Black Mask[3 stars]
Black Panther[3.5 stars]
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever[2.5 stars]
The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution[3 stars]
Black Snake Moan[3 stars]
Black Swan[3 stars]
Blackthorn[3 stars]
Black Widow[3 stars]
Blade[2.5 stars]
Blade of the Immortal[2.5 stars]
Blade Runner (final cut)[3 stars]
Blade Runner 2049[3.5 stars]
Blade 2[2.5 stars]
Blade: Trinity[2 stars]
Blades of Glory[2.5 stars]
The Blair Witch Project[3 stars]
Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows[2 stars]
Blast From the Past[2 stars]
Bless the Child[3 stars]
The Blind Side[3 stars]
Blindspotting[4 stars]
Blonde[2.5 stars]
Blood Diamond[3.5 stars]
Blood Equity[3.5 stars]
Blood Sweat and Tears: Spinning Wheel (DVD review)[3 stars]
Blood Work[3 stars]
Blow[3 stars]
Blown Away[3 stars]
The Blue Angel (1930)[2 stars]
Blue Beetle[3 stars]
Blue Caprice[3 stars]
Blue Crush[2 stars]
Blue is the Warmest Color (La vie d'Adèle)[3 stars]
Blue Streak[3 stars]
Boatman[2 stars]
Bobby[3 stars]
Bob Dylan -- 1976-1981: Rolling Thunder &
the Gospel Years
(DVD and CD review)[3 stars]
Bob Roberts[3 stars]
The Bodyguard[1.5 stars]
Bohemian Rhapsody[3.5 stars]
Boiler Room[3 stars]
Bolt[3.5 stars]
Bombshell[4 stars]
The Bone Collector[2 stars]
Bones and All[3 stars]
Bon Voyage[3 stars]
Boogie Nights[3 stars]
Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story[3 stars]
The Book of Eli[3 stars]
The Book of Life[3 stars]
Booksmart[4 stars]
The Book Thief[4 stars]
The Boondock Saints[3 stars]
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan[3.5 stars]
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm[3 stars]
Border[3 stars]
Born Into Brothels[3 stars]
Born on the Fourth of July[2 stars]
Born to Be[4 stars]
The Borrowers[2 stars]
Boss Level[3 stars]
Bottle Shock[2 stars]
Bottoms[3 stars]
Bounce[2.5 stars]
The Bourne Identity[2.5 stars]
The Bourne Supremacy[3 stars]
The Bourne Ultimatum[3 stars]
The Bourne Legacy[2.5 stars]
Buoyancy[3 stars]
Bowfinger[3.5 stars]
Bowling for Columbine[3 stars]
The Boxtrolls[3 stars]
The Boxer[1.5 stars]
The Boy and the Heron[2.5 stars]
Boy Erased[3 stars]
Boyhood[4 stars]
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas[2.5 stars]
The Boys in the Boat[3 stars]
The Boy Who Would be King[3 stars]
Boyz in the Hood[2.5 stars]
BPM[3.5 stars]
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)[3.5 stars]
Brave[3 stars]
Braveheart[3 stars]
The Brave One[2.5 stars]
Bread and Tulips (Pane e tlipani)[2.5 stars]
Breach[3 stars]
Breakdown[3 stars]
Breakfast at Tiffany's[2.5 stars]
Breakfast on Pluto[2.5 stars]
Breathe[3 stars]
Brian Banks[3 stars]
Brick[3 stars]
Bride and Prejudice[2 stars]
Bridesmaids[3 stars]
Bridge of Spies[4 stars]
Bridge to Terabithia[4 stars]
Bridget Jones' Diary[3.5 stars]
The Bridges of Madison County[3 stars]
Brigham City (film and DVD review)[3 stars]
Bright Star[3 stars]
Bringing Down The House[2 stars]
Bringing Out the Dead[4 stars]
Bring It On[2.5 stars]
Brittany Runs a Marathon[3 stars]
Broadcast News[4 stars]
Brokeback Mountain[3 stars]
Broken Arrow[2 stars]
The Broken Circle Breakdown[2 stars]
Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos)[3 stars]
Broken Flowers[2 stars]
Broker[3 stars]
Bronson[3 stars]
A Bronx Tale (Original version)[4 stars]
Brooklyn[3 stars]
Brother Bear[2.5 stars]
Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des loups)[2.5 stars]
Brotherhood of the Wolf (DVD review)[2.5 stars]
Brother John[3 stars]
Brothers[3.5 stars]
The Brothers Grimm[2 stars]
Bruce Almighty[2.5 stars]
Bruno[2.5 stars]
The B-Side[3 stars]
Bubba Ho-Tep[3 stars]
The Bucket List[3 stars]
The Buena Vista Social Club[3 stars]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer[1 star]
Bug[2 stars]
A Bug's Life[3.5 stars]
Bugsy[3 stars]
Bulletproof[2.5 stars]
Bullet to the Head[2.5 stars]
Bullet Train[2 stars]
Bullshit! (DVD of first TV season)[4 stars]
Bulworth[2 stars]
Bumblebee[3 stars]
Burn! (Queimada)[3 stars]
Burn After Reading[2.5 stars]
The Burning Plain[3.5 stars]
Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy[3 stars]
Bush's Brain[3 stars]
The Business of Amateurs[3.5 stars]
The Butcher Boy[2 stars]
(Lee Daniels') The Butler[3 stars]
The Butterfly Effect[2 stars]
Butterfly Wings (Alas de mariposa)[2.5 stars]
Butt-Ugly Martians: Best of the Bad Guys (DVD review)[2 stars]
Butt-Ugly Martians: Boyz to Martians (DVD review)[2.5 stars]
Butt-Ugly Martians: Hoverboard Heroes (DVD review)[2 stars]
Bye Bye Love[2 stars]
By the Sea[2 stars]

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