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Wyans and Sandler in another 48 Hours

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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September 8, 1996 -- If something sounds familiar about "Bulletproof" it's because it is a lot like films of the "Midnight Run" and "48 Hours" Hollywood genre. It isn't as good as either of those movies, but it's better than you might expect.

The story goes like this: Undercover detective Jack Carter (Damon Wayans) spends a year befriending drug dealer Archie Moses so he can get the goods on Moses' boss, Frank Colton (James Caan). When it comes time to do the bust, it goes bad. Colton gets away and Carter is accidentally shot by Moses in the process. Colton puts out a contract on Moses, who decides to turn state's evidence. There's one catch, he wants Carter to bring him in. The rest of the story is how Carter and Moses keep from being killed by dozens of thugs out to get them.

The reason the film works is that Wayans and Sandler work well together on the screen. Wayans plays it straight and Sandler has a kind of ingratiating charm. Both men feel betrayed by the other and each must earn the trust of the other in order to resolve the conflict.

The story line has some holes in it, but it is strong enough to overcome the hurdles. The script has enough comedy to smooth over the violence and grimness in the basic story. It's not a great movie, but it is an adequate late summer diversion. It rates a C+.

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