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Back to the Future III

Marty goes farther back

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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May 30, 1990 -- ``Back to the Future Part III'' is an amusing bit of summer fluff that is not as good as the original, but is more satisfying that part two of the series.

Future III is, supposedly, the last in a trio of comedies about time travel inspired by Steven Spielberg and directed by Robert Zemeckis. The first film in the series, which appeared in 1985 was a sort of modern comedy classic.

A hit of gold-plated proportions, it appealed to a very wide audience. It was wise, poignant and funny and was loaded with 50s nostalgia. In that film young Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels back to 1955 in a time machine made from a DeLorean car by the mad scientist Christopher Lloyd.

The third entry in the series finds Fox thrust back into 1955 and Lloyd stuck in 1895 in the Old West. The new film not only spoofs westerns, but spoofs itself to the point the viewer is constantly reminded this is only a movie.

There are a lot of lame jokes and the plot drags along at times, but Christopher Lloyd is once again marvelous in his role as the nutty professor. He also shines, along with the endearing Mary Steenburgen in a nice little romance, the best part of the film. Although the bulk of the creativity in this series was used up in the first episode, there is enough left to give this one a pass, despite a truly unbelievable ending. On a scale of one to 10 this film rates a six.

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