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Laramie Movie Scope:
Blue Streak

A nonsensical film that's fun anyway

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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September 20, 1999 -- "Blue Streak" is a film that defies common sense and logic, but is a lot of fun to watch because of its main character, Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence of "Life").

Lawrence is one of those high energy types like Robin Williams or Jim Carrey. He's got so much energy, creativity and improvisational ability he can just about carry a film by himself, and he shows he can in "Blue Streak." This movie has such a lack of continuity and common sense that it would not hold together for a minute if it ever slowed down long enough for the viewer to think about it. But you don't have to think about it because it is so much fun watching Lawrence dance around.

Logan, a robber, steals a walnut-sized diamond from a vault and is caught, but not before he hides the diamond in a ventilation shaft. After two years in prison, he returns to find out the building has unaccountably become a police station.

Determined to get the gem, he poses as a pizza delivery man (a very funny bit) to get into the building. It turns out the building security is too tight. He steals an identification card and has some papers forged to get him into the building as a cop. It turns out getting the gem is tougher than he thought and he ends up having to work several days as a cop. During that time, he gets into lots of trouble.

The parallels between this film and "Beverly Hills Cop" are fairly obvious, starting with Logan's police partner, (Luke Wilson of "Bottle Rocket") who looks and acts a lot like Judge Reinhold, Eddie Murphy's police partner in "Beverly Hills Cop." Also Logan's experience as a burglar makes him very well suited for solving burglary cases.

As noted earlier, there are some logical problems with the plot and some lapses in continuity (for instance, who put the diamond into a sack while it was supposedly hidden in the ventilation duct?) but overall, it is an enjoyable end-of-summer film. It rates a B.

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