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Laramie Movie Scope: 2 Guns

Likeable characters killing lots of people

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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August 6, 2013 -- 2 guys with 2 guns doing 2 much shooting in a movie that won't spell out the number 2 in it's title for some irritating reason is the kind of nonsense doesn't make for 2 good of a movie ordinarily. When the 2 guys are played by Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, however, and you give them some witty dialog, you get a movie that isn't 2 bad.

These two “W” guys, Washington and Wahlberg are talented actors who are very easy to like, even when they are doing bad things on the screen. That is the case here as Washington plays DEA agent Robert “Bobby” Trench and Wahlberg plays undercover Navy investigator Michael “Stig” Stigman. They shoot lots of people and blow up lots of stuff when they are framed for robbery and are hunted by drug dealers, and by a rogue CIA operative, Earl (Bill Paxton of “Haywire”).

Bobby and Stig are thrown together by a drug investigation involving drug lord Papi Greco (Edward Jame Olmos of “The Green Hornet”). Bobby masterminds the bank robbery to establish a money trail back to Papi Greco, but instead the drug money, they end up taking a huge horde of illegal cash kept by the CIA. Then the money disappears from a Naval base. Both the CIA and Greco want their money back. Also in the mix is Bobby's ex-girlfriend, Deb (Paula Patton of “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol”).

It turns out that Bobby and Stig are on their own. They can't trust anyone since vast sums of drug money have corrupted everyone involved in the case. In the end, the whole plot boils down to revenge, and you'd be disappointed if there wasn't a showdown at the O.K. Corral near the end of the film, wouldn't you? Never fear, the showdown happens just as you would expect.

This is old school frontier justice. The sense of morality in the story is also old school -- straight out of John Wayne's Old West book. Nothing fancy, but it works, thanks to those two “W” guys, who make a great pair. Washington and Wahlberg are charming, funny and serious when they have to be. This kind of cop buddy story has been used successfully many times before. It is a well-worn formula, but it works if you have the right combination of actors.

The on-screen chemistry of the two “W” guys is excellent and they are given some funny lines and funny situations in the film which they fully exploit. They even do a good job with the physical comedy. There is also plenty of action, of course, and the “W” guys handle those scenes smoothly as well. This film rates a B.

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