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An alphabetical listing of Robert Roten's and Patrick Ivers' (marked Ivers) film reviews of movies starting with the letters M through N
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[Strip of film rule] M [Strip of film rule]

Macbeth (2005) (Ivers)
Macbeth (2015)[3 stars]
Macbeth (2015) (Ivers)
Machete[3 stars]
MacKenna's Gold (Ivers)
Madame Bovary (Ivers)
Madagascar[2 stars]
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa[2.5 stars]
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (Ivers)
Madam Bovary (Ivers)
Mad City[3 stars]
Madeline[2 stars]
Made in America[3 stars]
Mad Hot Ballroom[2.5 stars]
Mad Max: Fury Road[3.5 stars]
The Magdalene Sisters[3 stars]
Maggie[3 stars]
Maggie's Plan (Ivers)
The Magic Flute (Ivers)
Magic in the Moonlight[3 stars]
Magic in the Moonlight (Ivers)
The Magic Mountain (Ivers)
The Magic of Belle Isle[3 stars]
The Magic of Belle Isle (Ivers)
The Magic of Consciousness (Ivers)
Magic Mike[3 stars]
Magical Mystery Tour (Ivers)
Magic Trip[3 stars]
Magic Trip (Ivers)
The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) (Ivers)
The Magnificent Ambersons (2001) (Ivers)
The Magnificent Seven (2016)[3 stars]
Magnolia[4 stars]
The Magus (Ivers)
Maidan[2.5 stars]
Maidan (Ivers)
Maiden[3 stars]
Maid in Manhattan[2.5 stars]
Major Payne[2.5 stars]
The Majestic[3 stars]
The Majestic (Ivers)
Major Barbara (Ivers)
Making Waves[3 stars]
Malcolm X[3.5 stars]
Maleficent[3 stars]
Malèna (Ivers)
Malice[3 stars]
Mamma Mia![2.5 stars]
Manakamana[2 stars]
Manakamana (Ivers)
Manchester by the Sea[3.5 stars]
Manchester by the Sea (Ivers)
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (Ivers)
The Man[2.5 stars]
A Man Apart[2 stars]
The Manchurian Candidate[3 stars]
Manhattan Murder Mystery[3 stars]
Manhattan Murder Mystery (Ivers)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.[2.5 stars]
The Man in the Chair[3 stars]
The Man in the Chair (Ivers)
The Man in the Iron Mask[3 stars]
The Man of La Mancha (Ivers)
Man of Steel[3 stars]
Man of Steel (Ivers)
Man of the Year[2 stars]
Man of the Year (Ivers)
Man on a Train (Ivers)
Man on Fire[2.5 stars]
Manon of the Spring (Ivers)
Man on the Moon[3.5 stars]
Man on Wire (Ivers)
Man on Wire[3 stars]
The Man Who Invented Christmas[2.5 stars]
The Man Who Invented Christmas (Ivers)
The Man Who Knew Infinity (Ivers)
The Man Who Knew Too Little[2 stars]
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Ivers)
The Man Who Loved Women (Ivers)
The Man Who Never Was (Ivers)
The Man Who Wasn't There[3 stars]
The Man Who Wasn't There (Ivers)
The Man Without a Past[3 stars]
The Man Without a Past (Ivers)
Mao's Last Dancer (Ivers)
Map of the Human Heart (Ivers)
The Marathon Family (Ivers)
March of the Penguins[3 stars]
Margaret (Ivers)
Margin Call[3 stars]
Margin Call (Ivers)
Margot at the Wedding[no stars]
Margot at the Wedding (Ivers)
Maria Full of Grace[4 stars]
Marie Antoinette (Ivers)
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (Ivers)
Marjorie Morningstar (Ivers)
Marjorie Prime (Ivers)
Mark Twain (Ivers)
Marley[3 stars]
Marley (Ivers)
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (Ivers)
The Marine[2 stars]
Marley & Me[3 stars]
Marriage, Italian Style (Ivers)
Marriage Story[3 stars]
Mars Attacks![1 star]
Marshall[3 stars]
Marshall (Ivers)
Martha Marcy May Marlene[3 stars]
Martha Marcy May Marlene (Ivers)
The Martian[3 stars]
The Martian (Ivers)
Marwencol[3 stars]
Marwencol (Ivers)
Mary Poppins (Ivers)
Mary Poppins Returns[2.5 stars]
Mary Pickford: A Life on Film[2.5 stars]
Mary Queen of Scots[2.5 stars]
Mary Reilly[3 stars]
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein[2 stars]
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Ivers)
Martian Child[2.5 stars]
Masculin Feminin (Ivers)
The Mask of Zorro[3 stars]
The Master[2 stars]
The Master (Ivers)
Master and Commander:
The Far Side of the World
[3 stars]
Master and Commander:
The Far Side of the World
The Master and Margaret (Ivers)
The Master and Margarita (Ivers)
The Matador[3 stars]
Match Point[3 stars]
Match Point (Ivers)
Matchstick Men[3.5 stars]
Matilda[3 stars]
The Matrix[3 stars]
The Matrix (Ivers)
The Matrix: Reloaded[2.5 stars]
The Matrix Reloaded (Ivers)
The Matrix Revolutions[3 stars]
The Matrix Revolutions (Ivers)
Maudie (Ivers)
Max Payne[2.5 stars]
The Mayor of Casterbridge (Ivers)
Maverick[2.5 stars]
May[3 stars]
The Maze Runner[2.5 stars]
McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Ivers)
McFarland USA[3 stars]
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl[3 stars]
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Ivers)[4 stars]
Me and Orson Welles (Ivers)
Me and You and Everyone We Know[4 stars]
Me and You and Everyone We Know (Ivers)
Mean Girls[3 stars]
The Medallion[2 stars]
Medicine Man[1.5 stars]
Meek's Cutoff[2 stars]
Meek's Cutoff (Ivers)
Meeting Resistance[2.5 stars]
Meeting Resistance (Ivers)
Meet Joe Black[1.5 stars]
Meet the Fockers (Ivers)
Meet the Parents[3 stars]
Meet the Robinsons[2.5 stars]
The Meg[3 stars]
Megamind[3 stars]
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2[2 stars]
Melancholia[1 star]
Melancholia (Ivers)
Melinda and Melinda[2.5 stars]
Melinda and Melinda (Ivers)
Memento[3 stars]
Memoirs of a Geisha[3 stars]
Memoirs of a Geisha (Ivers)
Memphis Bell[3 stars]
Me, Myself and Irene[1 star]
Men at Work[1 star]
Men of Honor[2.5 stars]
Men in Black[3 stars]
Men in Black II[3 stars]
Men in Black 3[3 stars]
Men in Black 3 (Ivers)
The Men Who Stare at Goats[3 stars]
The Men Who Stare at Goats (Ivers)
Merchants of Doubt (Ivers)
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice[3.5 stars]
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (Ivers)
Mercury Rising[2.5 stars]
Mercury Rising (Ivers)
Meru[4 stars]
Meru (Ivers)
Message in a Bottle[2 stars]
The Messenger[3 stars]
The Messenger (Ivers)
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc[2 stars]
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster[2.5 stars]
Metro[1 star]
Metroland (Ivers)
Metro Manila[3.5 stars]
Metro Manila (Ivers)
Metropolis (the Murnau prints -- 1927)[3 stars]
Metropolis (Ivers)
(Osamu Tezuka's) Metropolis[3 stars]
The Mexican[3 stars]
Michael[3 stars]
Michael Clayton[3 stars]
Michael Jackson's This is It[3 stars]
Mickey Blue Eyes[1 star]
Middlemarch (Ivers)
Middle of Nowhere[3 stars]
Middle of Nowhere (Ivers)
Midnight Express (Ivers)
Midnight in Paris[4 stars]
Midnight in Paris (Ivers)
Midnight in the Garden
of Good and Evil
[3 stars]
Mighty Aphrodite (Ivers)
Midnight Mary (Ivers)[3 stars]
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2005) (Ivers)
The Mighty[4 stars]
Mighty Aphrodite[4 stars]
Mighty Aphrodite (Ivers)
A Mighty Heart[3 stars]
A Mighty Heart (Ivers)
Mighty Joe Young[3 stars]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie[1 star]
A Mighty Wind[2 stars]
A Mighty Wind (Ivers)
Mildred Pierce (1945) (Ivers)
Mildred Pierce[4 stars]

Mildred Pierce (2011) (Ivers)
Mile 22[3 stars]
Miles Ahead (Ivers)
Milk (Ivers)
Milk[3.5 stars]
Millennium actress (Sennen joyu)[4 stars]
Millennium actress (Sennen joyu) (Ivers)
Miller's Crossing (Ivers)
Million Dollar Arm[2.5 stars]
Million Dollar Arm (Ivers)
Million Dollar Baby[3 stars]
Millions[3.5 stars]
Mimic[3 stars]
Mindstorm (Project: Human Weapon) (DVD review)[1 star]
Minions[2.5 stars]
Minions (Ivers)
Minority Report[4 stars]
Miracle[3.5 stars]
Miracle at St. Anna (Ivers)
Miracle Mile (Ivers)
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (Ivers)
Miracles From Heaven (Ivers)
MirrorMask (Ivers)
Mirror Mirror (Ivers)
Misery[3 stars]
Miss Congeniality[2 stars]
The Missing[2.5 stars]
Missing Link[3 stars]
The Missing Picture[3 stars]
The Missing Picture (Ivers)
La Mission[3 stars]
La Mission (Ivers)
Mission: Impossible II[4 stars]
Mission: Impossible III[3 stars]
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol[3 stars]
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (Ivers)
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation[2.5 stars]
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Ivers)
Mission: Impossible – Fallout[2.5 stars]
Mission to Mars[2.5 stars]
Mississippi Mermaid (Ivers)
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day[3 stars]
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day (Ivers)
Miss Potter[3 stars]
Miss Sloane[3 stars]
The Mist[3.5 stars]
The Mist (Ivers)
Mister Holland's Opus[4 stars]
Mistress America[3 stars]
Mistress America (Ivers)
Moana[3 stars]
Moby Dick (1956) (Ivers)
Moby Dick (1998) (DVD review)[3 stars]
Moby Dick (1998) (Ivers)
Moby Dick (2010) (Ivers)
Molière (Ivers)
Moll Flanders (Ivers)
Molly's Game[4 stars]
Molly's Game (Ivers)
Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator:
A Second Life Odyssey
Moneyball[4 stars]
Moneyball (Ivers)
Money Monster[2.5 stars]
Money Monster (Ivers)
The Money Train[1 star]
Mongol (Ivers)
Monos[3 stars]
Monsoon Wedding[3 stars]
Monsoon Wedding (DVD review)[3 stars]
Monsoon Wedding (Ivers)
Monster[3 stars]
A Monster Calls[3.5 stars]
A Monster Calls (Ivers)
Monster House[3 stars]
Monsters[2 stars]
Monsters (Ivers)
Monster's Ball[2 stars]
Monsters, Inc.[3 stars]
Monsters University (Ivers)
Monsters Vs. Aliens[3 stars]
The Monuments Men[3 stars]
The Monuments Men (Ivers)
The Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed Live (Ivers)
Moon[3 stars]
Moon (Ivers)
Moonlight[3.5 stars]
Moonlight (Ivers)
Moonlight Mile[3 stars]
Moonrise Kingdom[4 stars]
Moonrise Kingdom (Ivers)
Moonstruck (Ivers)
Mortal Combat[3 stars]
Mortal Engines[2.5 stars]
Mortal Thoughts[2.5 stars]
The Most Dangerous Man in America:
Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
Mostly Martha[3.5 stars]
Most Wanted[2 stars]
A Most Wanted Man[3 stars]
A Most Wanted Man (Ivers)
Mother[3.5 stars]
Mother (Ivers)
Mother![4 stars]
Mother! (Ivers)
Mother of George[3 stars]
Mother of George (Ivers)
The Mothman Prophecies[3 stars]
The Motorcycle Diaries[2.5 stars]
The Motorcycle Diaries (Ivers)
Moulin Rouge[3 stars]
Moulin Rouge (Ivers)
The Mountain Between Us[3 stars]
Mozart's Sister (Ivers)
Mr. 3,000[3 stars]
Mr. and Mrs. Smith[3 stars]
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Ivers)
Mister Holland's Opus[4 stars]
Mr. Holmes[3 stars]
Mr. Holmes (Ivers)
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium[2.5 stars]
Mr. Nice Guy[3 stars]
Mr. Peabody and Sherman[3 stars]
Mr. Rice's Secret[3 stars]
Mrs. Henderson Presents[2.5 stars]
Mrs. Henderson Presents (Ivers)
Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont (Ivers)
Mr. Turner (Ivers)
Much Ado About Nothing (2005) (Ivers)
Much Ado About Nothing (2012)[2.5 stars]
Much Ado About Nothing (2012) (Ivers)
Mud[3.5 stars]
Mud (Ivers)
Mudbound[4 stars]
Mudbound (Ivers)
Mulan[4 stars]
The Mule[3 stars]
Mullholland Drive[2 stars]
Mullholland Drive (Ivers)
Mulholland Falls[3 stars]
Multiplicity[2 stars]
The Mummy[2.5 stars]
The Mummy Returns[3 stars]
The Mummy: Quest for the Lost Scrolls (DVD review)[3 stars]
Munich[3 stars]
Munich (Ivers)
Munyurangabo[3 stars]
Munyurangabo (Ivers)
Muppet Treasure Island[3 stars]
Murder at 1600[3 stars]
Murderball[3.5 stars]
Murder by Numbers[2.5 stars]
Murder on the Orient Express (2017)[2.5 stars]
Muriel's Wedding[4 stars]
Muscle Shoals[3 stars]
Muscle Shoals (Ivers)
The Muse[3 stars]
Music and Lyrics[3 stars]
The Music Never Stopped (Ivers)
The Music of Strangers[3 stars]
The Music of Strangers (Ivers)
Music Within[3 stars]
Music Within (Ivers)
The Musketeer[2 stars]
Mustang[3 stars]
Mustang (Ivers)
Must Love Dogs[2 stars]
Mutiny on the Bounty (1934, DVD review -- Ivers)
My Afternoons with Margueritte (Ivers)
My Best Friend (Mon meilleur ami)[3 stars]
My Best Friend's Wedding[4 stars]
My Big Fat Greek Wedding[3.5 stars]
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Ivers)
My Blueberry Nights (Ivers)
My Cousin Vinny (Ivers)
My Dog Skip[3 stars]
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)[3.5 stars]
My Fair Lady[3.5 stars]
My Fair Lady (Ivers)
My Left Foot (Ivers)
My Man Godfrey (Ivers)
My Golden Days[3 stars]
My Golden Days (Ivers)
My Name is Khan (Ivers)
My Neighbor My Killer[3 stars]
My Neighbor My Killer (Ivers)
My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)[3 stars]
My Night at Maud's (Ivers)
My Scientology Movie[2.5 stars]
My Scientology Movie (Ivers)
Mystery Men[2.5 stars]
Mysteries of Lisbon (Ivers)
Mystic River[3 stars]
Mystic River (Ivers)
My Summer of Love (Ivers)
My Week With Marilyn[3 stars]
My Week With Marilyn (Ivers)

[strip of film rule] N [strip of film rule]

The Naked City (Ivers)
The Naked Gun:
From the Files of Police Squad!
Naked Gun 2[2 stars]
Naked Lunch (Ivers)
The Namesake[4 stars]
The Namesake (Ivers)
The Names of Love (Ivers)
Nanking[3 stars]
Nanking (Ivers)
Nanny McPhee[3 stars]
Napoleon Dynamite[3 stars]
Napoleon Dynamite (Ivers)
Narc[3.5 stars]
Narco Cultura[3 stars]
Narco Cultura (Ivers)
Nathalie (Ivers)
National Treasure[2.5 stars]
National Treasure (Ivers)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets[2 stars]
National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Ivers)
The Nativity Story[2.5 stars]
The Nature of Existence[4 stars]
The Nature of Existence (Ivers)
The Nature of Existence Companion Series[4 stars]
The Nature of Existence Companion Series (Ivers)
Navajo Joe (Ivers)
Nebraska[3.5 stars]
Nebraska (Ivers)
Ned Kelly (Ivers)
Needful Things[2 stars]
The Negotiator[3 stars]
Neighbors[2.5 stars]
Neighbouring Sounds[3 stars]
Neighbouring Sounds (Ivers)
Neil Young: Heart of Gold[3.5 stars]
Neil Young: Heart of Gold (Ivers)
Neil Young Journeys (Ivers)
Neruda[3 stars]
Neruda (Ivers)
The Net[3 stars]
New York Stories (Ivers)
New Urban Cowboy: Toward a New Pedestrianism[3 stars]
Never Been Kissed[3 stars]
Never Let Me Go[3.5 stars]
Never Let Me Go (Ivers)
Never on Sunday (Ivers)
Never Talk to Strangers[1 star]
Neverwas[3 stars]
New Jack City[2 stars]
The Twilight Saga: New Moon[2.5 stars]
The New World[3 stars]
The New World (Ivers)
Next[2.5 stars]
Next Friday[1 star]
The Next Three Days[3 stars]
Nicholas Nickelby[2.5 stars]
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (Ivers)
Nico 1988[2 stars]
Night at the Museum[2 stars]
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian[2 stars]
Night Catches Us[3 stars]
Night Catches Us (Ivers)
Nightcrawler[3.5 stars]
Night Falls in Manhattan[3 stars]
Night and the City (Ivers)
The Night Listener[3 stars]
The Nightmare Before Christmas[2.5 stars]
Night Moves[2.5 stars]
Night Moves (Ivers)
Night of the Comet (Ivers)
Night of the Hunter (Ivers)
The Night of the Shooting Stars (La Notte de San Lorenzo - Ivers)
The Night Porter (Ivers)
Nim's Island[2.5 stars]
Ninja Scroll[3.5 stars]
Nitro Circus: The Movie (BD 3D review)[3 stars]
Nitro Circus: The Movie (Ivers)
Nixon[3 stars]
Noah[3 stars]
Noah (Ivers)
Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without A Pause[3 stars]
Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without A Pause (Ivers)
Nobody's Fool[2.5 stars]
Nobody Walks[3 stars]
Nobody Walks (Ivers)
No Country for Old Men[3 stars]
No Country For Old Men (Ivers)
Nocturnal Animals[4 stars]
Nocturnal Animals (Ivers)
Noel (DVD review)[3 stars]
No End in Sight[3 stars]
No End in Sight (Ivers)
No Escape[2.5 stars]
No God No Master (Ivers)
Noise (Ivers)
No Man's Land[3.5 stars]
No Place on Earth[3 stars]
No Place on Earth (Ivers)
Nora (Ivers)
Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer (Ivers)
Norte: The End of History[2 stars]
Norte: The End of History (Ivers)
North Country[3.5 stars]
North Country (Ivers)
North Dallas 40[3 stars]
North to Alaska (Ivers)
Norwegian Wood (Ivers)
The Notebook[3.5 stars]
The Notebook (Ivers)
Notes From Underground (Ivers)
Notes on a Scandal[3.5 stars]
Notes on a Scandal (Ivers)
Nothing But a Man (Ivers)
No Time for Sergeants (Ivers)
Notorious (Ivers)
The Notorious Betty Page (Ivers)
Notting Hill[3 stars]
The November Man[2.5 stars]
Nowhere Boy[3 stars]
Nowhere Boy (Ivers)
Nowhere in Africa[3 stars]Nowhere in Africa DVD[4 stars]
Nowhere People[3 stars]
Nowhere to Hide[3.5 stars]
Nowhere to Run[3 stars]
Now You See Me[3 stars]
Now You See Me 2[2.5 stars]
Nurse Betty[3 stars]
The Nutty Professor[3 stars]
Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps[1 star]
Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 and 2[3 stars]
Nymphomaniac, Volume I (Ivers)
Nymphomaniac, Volume II (Ivers)

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