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Laramie Movie Scope:
The Man Who Knew Too Little

A silly love-adventure story with likeable characters

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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November 15, 1997 -- "The Man Who Knew Too Little" is a featherweight romantic action comedy starring Bill Murray. If you like Bill Murray, this film is passable entertainment, but if you don't, watch out. It is not much more than a drawn out comedy sketch.

Murray stars as Wallace Ritchie, a video store employee who is on vacation to see his brother James (Peter Gallagher of "While You Were Sleeping") in London. James has to make an important presentation to some bankers, so he signs his brother up for what is billed as an interactive street theater skit.

Instead, Ritchie unwittingly gets involved in a spy caper. Some British Secret Service and Russian spooks have cooked up an assassination plot to get the cold war rolling again so the spy agencies can demand better funding from their respective governments.

Ritchie thinks it is all part of the street theater play and he goes along with it. Along the way, he meets the beautiful Loreli (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer of "Willow") and the evil Boris Blavasky (Alfred Molina of "Maverick" and "Not Without My Daughter").

Ritchie has great fun being chased by the bad guys all over London, all the while causing havoc and disrupting the plans of the spies. Bill Murray is charming and goofy, but there isn't much else going on in this film. Some of the slapstick comedy works, but a lot of it is stretched to the breaking point. At the end, the movie doesn't know when to quit. It runs completely out of gas and sputters to a stop. It rates a C.

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