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A good-natured, easy-going Western comedy

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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May 23, 1994 -- ``Maverick'' is one of those big blockbuster films that Hollywood hopes will rake in at least $100 million or so. It may make the $100 million, but it is not a well-made film. Oh, the stars are all likable, and parts of the film are very funny.

Mel Gibson, James Garner, Jodie Foster and Graham Greene are all very likable actors. Foster, especially, does a great job in a rare comic role.

The problem with the film is that they did not know where to stop. Some scenes drug on way too long. It was like they were trying to give all the stars equal time. In other scenes, the comedy was way over the top. I was embarrassed at some of the things Graham Greene was doing. Leave the guy a little dignity!

I'm not saying it is a bad film. It was enjoyable, but it was just out of control. It could have been a nice, light little movie but the humor was clumsily handled and it was overlong, over-written, over-acted and over-directed. It could have been cut by 20 minutes and not lost a thing.

The main thing that saves this film is the on-screen talent of the above-mentioned stars, especially Foster and Gibson. It rates a C+ mainly because of them and the fact that it doesn't take itself seriously.

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