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Laramie Movie Scope:
Never Talk to Strangers

Whodunit? Who cares?

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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October 31, 1995 -- ``Never Talk to Strangers'' is the latest Antonio Banderas vehicle. ``Desperado'' never made it to town, so the only thing I've seen him in lately is ``Assassins.'' Now ``Assassins'' is not a great film, but it looks pretty good compared to ``Never Talk to Strangers.''

Banderas stars as a mystery man, Tony Ramirez, who comes into the life of psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Taylor (Rebecca De Mornay). The two become romantically involved and then come a series of murders and attacks.

Who did it? Was it the sleazoid father who sexually molested Taylor when she was a girl? Was it Cliff (Dennis Miller), the jealous guy who lives in the same apartment, or is it Ramirez?

The answer to the mystery was a surprise to me, but I didn't find the answer very convincing. It seemed very contrived and unrealistic. The story leading up to the conclusion wasn't very compelling either. I had the same problem with this film as I had with ``Jade.'' When you finally find out who the killer is, you really don't care. The acting is O.K. in the film. De Mornay tries hard in a thankless role. Banderas has a good screen presence, but that won't save him unless he starts getting better scripts.

Here's an example of the dialogue, ``The Buddhist's have a saying. If you meet your master on the road, kill him.'' Doesn't sound like any kind of Buddhism I ever heard of. There is a very raunchy sex scene between Banderas and De Mornay that seems quite vulgar and demeaning for both of them.

It is surprising the film is only rated ``R.'' I give it a D.

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