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Laramie Movie Scope: Essays

Essays on cinema and other subjects

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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A philosophy of film criticism
Top 10 movie lists (best and worst of the years 1991 to present)

3D Movies are here to stay at last
9-11, The Day America Passed Away
15 Mediocre Blockbusters
American Beauty vs. Happiness
An Evening With Obama
Athletics and Art in the Olympics
The Aught Decade (2000-2009) in movies
Bad Economics (save the postal service)
Best Baseball Movies
Best Modern Westerns (1984 to present)
Is Blair Witch Another Easy Rider?
A Bush league education
Celtic Pride
Cheryl Smith, Blonde B-Movie Bombshell, RIP
Cheyenne's new multiplex no boon to cinephiles
A cockroach of a critic of critics
Cranky Critics: An essay
Go LeBron!
Goodbye, Tony and Jack
Holocaust survivor blasts all religions
Inherit the Wind Times Three
The Intelligent Design of Pleasantville
Interesting Biblical prophecy on Iraq War
An interview with director Jordan Brady
Iraq: the Nonsensical War
Is Hollywood responsible for 9-11?
John Denver Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits (music review)[4 stars]
John Waters: The outsider comes in from the cold
John Woo taking Hollywood by storm
The Joker is a wild model for mass murder in a movie theater
Movies Unlimited 2000 Video Catalog[3 stars]
My computer power supply odyssey
Not the country we used to be, but we're good for a laugh
Obama and Sandy Hook (DVD review)[no stars]
Passion and Greek weddings may change Hollywood
Pistons' championship is good for basketball
Political Misinformation Podcasts
The 'real America' that never was
R.I.P. Roger Moore
Roten's Rules (Aphorisms, definitions and theorems)
Save families and children by allowing gay marriage
Say it Like You Mean it
Sidney Poitier's apocalyptic prophecy
'Thoughts and Prayers' under attack
Top 10 reasons Bush won
Tyrone Power at the Buckhorn Bar
Where were these Tea Party people when we needed them?
William S. Cohen and Gary Hart on the war on terrorism
Wyo Theatre changes management again
Video Black Film Series
Violence in mass media and its effect on society

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Copyright © 2001 Robert Roten. All rights reserved.
Reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder.
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