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A cockroach of a critic

Another victim of a pompous cockroach

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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November 21, 2013 -- I was doing an internet search yesterday looking for something or other, when I came across a review of my review of “Gravity” by someone allegedly named Rochus Pomponius. Is that latin for “Pompous Cockroach?” If it isn't, it should be. If a cockroach like this can write an alleged review of a review, at a website that somehow values this kind of derivative blather, then I am certainly allowed to write a review of a review of a review.

He starts off with a complaint that my review of “Gravity” was not enough like a cartoon. He wanted fewer words and more pictures, but even though he wanted fewer words, he also wanted more analysis. Those seem like mutually exclusive demands. Even though his review was short, he kept repeating himself over and over, and he never mentions George Clooney once, which speaks volumes. For the record, my “Gravity” review is not significantly longer than the actual word count requirement set by the Online Film Critics Society for minimum review length.

He also complained about the fact that I did point out some scientific inaccuracies in the film. So he wants analysis, but not this analysis. He implied this was mere opinion on my part. Not so, cockroach. Those are facts, not opinions, facts confirmed by actual rocket scientists. I know that some people are confused by facts. Some think facts are irrelevant and I did acknowledge as much in my review. But I think facts are important, and so do many others who actually understand science and think that science is important.

When you get right down to it, cockroach's whole argument boils down to this. He doesn't like my review because I am not a sycophant. I'm a critic who is actually critical. I'm not with totally with him, so I am against him. As a critic, I get that complaint all the time. Man up and deal with it, cockroach.

I could go on, but I found another article, in the Village Voice of all places, about this same little cockroach which really squashes him, and those like him, in the way he deserves to be stepped upon. You can read it right here. Beware, however, this article has a lot of words and a lot of facts in it and probably not enough pictures, so it may not be suitable for cockroaches with short little attention spans.

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