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Laramie Movie Scope:
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Showtimes, MPAA ratings, running times, synopses, etc., for movies in Laramie, Wyoming, Colorado, the region and major metro areas nationally

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
[Strip of film rule] January 26, 2001 -- Below are links to sites with movie listings, running times and MPAA ratings for just about all movie theaters in the U.S. The first section has general links which cover most cities. The second section has movie listings for specific cities in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Note: The Regal Fox Theater 6 in Laramie is operated by Regal Entertainment Group, world's largest movie chain. [Strip of film rule]

Movie showtimes, MPAA ratings, running times and television and entertainment listings for most cities nationally:

Google movie search (fill in the 'find movie showtimes' box)
Fandango (movie guides for many cities)
Internet Movie Database movie showtimes
Moviefone (Movie, entertainment guides for many cities)
Tribute Movies.com
Mr. Movietimes
Yahoo movie listings

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Sites with showtimes, MPAA ratings and running times, etc., for movies in the following specific cities or theaters in Wyoming or Colorado:

Regal Fox Theater 6 in Laramie
(Regal Entertainment Group runs the Fox Theatre in Laramie, but not the Wyo Theatre. This Regal Site has entertainment links to facilities it operates in the rest of the world).
Studio City UW+ARQ® in Laramie
(This is the first new movie theater to open in Laramie in 50 years as of April 28, 2017. It is operated by Movie Palace, Inc. of Casper. This page includes links to theaters operated by the same company in Casper, Cheyenne, Rock Springs and Green River, Wyoming).
The Wyo Theatre page news about the Wyo Theatre (sometimes listed under the bogus name Wyo Cinema).
Laramie movie listings from Wyomingnetwork
Movies showing at the University of Wyoming in Laramie
Afton and Kemmerer (From Wyomingnetwork)
Big Piney (From Wyomingnetwork)
Buffalo and Sheridan (From Wyomingnetwork)
Casper (From Wyomingnetwork)
Cheyenne (From Wyomingnetwork)
AMC Classic Frontier 9 theater, Cheyenne
Cody and Powell (From Wyomingnetwork)
Denver (Citysearch)
Denver (Denver Post)
Denver (denvermovietimes.com)
Douglas (From Wyomingnetwork)
Evanston and Lyman (From Wyomingnetwork)
Fort Collins (from Fort Collins Movies.com)
Fort Collins Carmike 10 theater
Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins.
Gillette (From Wyomingnetwork)
Green River and Rock Springs (From Wyomingnetwork)
The Kress Cinema and Lounge in Greeley, Co.
Jackson (From Wyomingnetwork)
Kemmerer and Afton (From Wyomingnetwork)
Lander (From Wyomingnetwork)
Lovell (From Wyomingnetwork)
Lyman and Evanston (From Wyomingnetwork)
Newcastle (From Wyomingnetwork)
Powell and Cody (From Wyomingnetwork)
Rawlins (From Wyomingnetwork)
Rock Springs and Green River (From Wyomingnetwork)
Sheridan and Buffalo (From Wyomingnetwork)
Thermopolis (From Wyomingnetwork)
Torrington (From Wyomingnetwork)
Wheatland (From Wyomingnetwork)
Worland (From Wyomingnetwork)

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