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Laramie Movie Scope:
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A list of links for movie fans

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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Updated May 28, 1998 -- If you are looking for more information on a particular film, box office results, or a list of films similar to one you really like, or just more reviews, then link on.

General Film Information

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences awards (Oscars.org)
The Box Office Guru -- Box office sales, predictions and features
Box Office Mojo -- Box office sales, predictions, features, release schedules, video rentals, TV ratings, music sales, reviews
Discount tickets for the 400 theaters in the Regal Cinemas chain, plus movie news and trailers
Film.com -- Reviews, film festivals, news, features, top 10 lists, interviews
Film and TV Connection -- An entertainment industry school with apprentiship programs at film and video studios, radio and TV stations and recording studios
Get A Mentor: Train in Real Radio and TV stations, film production companies or recording studios. Train full-time or part time.
Hollywood.com -- synopses, reviews, independent films, video clips, movie tunes, celebrities and news from Hollywood
Internet Movie Database -- The best source of information on movies and television
Los Angeles Times -- Has a well-stocked movie section as well as "Inside Hollywood" and "Entertainment Biz" sections
The Movie Clichés page
The Moviedog page -- Answers questions like: What breed of dog was in the movie “Snatch”?
Movieguide.com -- A conservative family values-type guide to movies
The Movie Insider -- A site about movies in development Movie mistakes page
Movieweb -- Movie preview page with synopses, lists of stars, running times, etc.
My Best Bets -- Find movies, TV shows, sports, hobbies, based on your own preferences
Oscar nominees and winners -- from the official home page of the Oscars
Photos from movies provided by AllMoviePhoto.com
Ringworld: Movies -- a list of movie-related web rings
Ritz Filmbill -- Films for the snobbish
Showtimes for movies -- Links to sites listing showtimes, MPAA ratings, running times, synopses, ticket prices, etc. for films playing in most cities, including Laramie.
Video ETA -- video release dates
Upcoming Movies -- Movie and TV previews, reviews and video release dates

Commercial Links

Click here for links to places to buy movies in video and/or DVD formats, soundtracks, books, even used videos, games and lots of other stuff.

I suggest you shop at least two of these places before buying anything. Prices seem to vary continuously. I have links to American as well as European vendors.

Film Criticism

Laramie Movie Scope
Cinema Review -- Movie ratings based on exit polls of moviegoers, plus representative movie critic ratings, and detailed information on movie content for parents.
CinemascoreRatings of new movies based on audience surveys Kids in Mind -- Ratings to advise parents about film content with kids in mind
Metacritic -- Compilations of film, music, DVD, game and book reviews
Movie City News -- News, awards and annual critics compiled ratings of the years best and worst films
Movie Review Query Engine -- The biggest searchable movie review database
The Online Film Critics Society -- Current and archived film reviews, interviews and articles Rotten Tomatoes (film reviews and more)
Screen It! -- This site reviews films and videos specifically for sexual, suggestive, obscene, violent, immoral and other content of concern to parents.

The Studios

Artisan Entertainment
Buena Vista (division of Disney)
Castle Rock Entertainment
Cloud 10 Pictures -- Christian films
Dreamworks SKG
Dimension Films
Fine Line Features
First Look Pictures
Lions Gate Films
MGM United Artists
Miramax Films (division of Disney)
New Line Cinema
Paramount Classics
Pixar Animation Studios
Revival Entertainment -- an independent film company
Sony Pictures Entertainment, movies
Twentieth Century Fox
Universal Pictures
Warner Brothers
Zion films -- Mormon-based films from Utah

Laramie, Wyoming, regional and miscellaneous links

Albany County Tourism Board's Laramie weather web cam
Anime Club, Laramie chapter
Drive-in Movie site 1 and Drive-in Movie site 2
The Laramie Daily Boomerang (a newspaper)
The University of Wyoming Branding Iron (a student newspaper)
Laramie Weather from the Weather Underground
LARIAT -- Our gracious host
The Kress Cinema and Lounge in Greeley, Co. Art films with food and drink.
Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins. Art films with food and drink, and the most comfortable movie chairs around.
NorthernFront.net Art news of Laramie and elsewhere along the Northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains
University of Wyoming home page
Wyoming Road Conditions -- For those of you just passing through
Wyoming state government home page

Most of the graphics used in Laramie Movie Scope can be found at Bells and Whistles, or at The Clipart Connection, two very fine sources of web-related clipart and moving gif files.

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