An Evaluation of the Metricom Ricochet Wireless Network

An Evaluation of the Metricom Ricochet Wireless Network

Elan AmirHari Balakrishnan
CS 294-7 Class Project

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720


The Metricom Ricochet wide-area wireless network has recently been deployed in the San Francisco Bay Area as a wireless Internet access service. As with most commercial systems, little information is available about the actual run-time performance of the system. This paper describes the Ricochet system, and measures its performance in the commercial system as well as in a locally deployed system. We present measurements and analysis of TCP and UDP traffic throughput, UDP jitter, and interactive latencies. Finally, we measure the interference of the Ricochet Metricom with the AT&T WaveLAN device.

Elan Amir
Tue May 7 18:07:57 PDT 1996
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