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Under Siege 2, Dark Territory

Standard Seagal mindless bloody actioner

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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July 17, 1995 -- ``Under Siege 2, Dark Territory,'' is the sequel to the 1992 film ``Under Siege.'' The first film had to do with modern day pirates taking over a U.S. Navy ship to steal missiles. This one has to do with the hijaking of a passenger train.

Steven Seagal is back as Casey Ryback, who now has his own restaurant instead of a ship's galley. He's on the train traveling with his young niece played by Katherine Heigl. The hijackers, led by Travis Dane, played by Eric Bogosian (``Talk Radio'') and the evil soldier of fortune Everett McGill (``Twin Peaks''), take over a secret particle beam weapon on a satellite and use the weapon to get money from Middle Eastern Terrorists. For a billion dollars, Dane proposes to destroy Washington, D.C.

Ryback, just as he was in the first film, is the spanner in the gears of the evildoer's plans. There are holes in the plot big enough to drive a train through, but a fast pace, lively action scenes and good special effects make for an enjoyable, if bloody film. Bogosian makes an interesting villain and McGill is extremely menacing as a sort of superhuman killer.

I don't count these things, but according to legendary Internet critic ``Shaggy Bob,'' (no relation to me) there are 56 people killed in this film. I wouldn't dispute that. Several are killed by Seagal's special kung-fu broken neck hold, accompanied by an appropriate cracking and crunching sound. There also some gurgling sounds that accompany a throat cutting.

If you don't mind this kind of violence, this film's for you. It is fun in a violent mindless kind of way. It rates a C+.

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