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Laramie Movie Scope:
Tango and Cash

Don't tangle with Cash

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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February 6, 1990 -- ``Tango and Cash'' is a pale imitation of ``Lethal Weapon,'' but it works well enough to be entertaining.

The main trouble with ``Tango and Cash'' is Sylvester Stallone tries to portray a sophisticated cop who is wise in the ways of Wallstreet investments. Can you imagine that? Here's a guy whose entire vocabulary in five previous films was ``yo.''

His co-star, Kurt Russell, on the other hand, actually can act. He plays the blue collar cop, of this dynamic duo, the role that Stallone should have settled for. Maybe the idea to try something similar to the concept in ``Twins'' where muscle-bound Arnold Schwarzenegger played the smart guy.

Next to Stallone, Schwarzenegger looks like Laurence Olivier. The dialogue in the film is meant to be funny, but it is pretty crude patter. For instance, early in the film, Stallone shoots a hole in a tank truck and a cop says, ``Who does this guy think he is, Rambo?'' That is the best joke in the film.

Even though there is a lot of blood and lots of action sequences the film doesn't take itself seriously. The actors constantly joke with each other and wink at the screen, letting everyone know they are not really in any danger.

At times it is almost as if the film is about a couple of over-muscled guys posturing in front of a mirror and telling grade-school-style jokes. There seems to be a market for that kind of thing these days.

There is a pretty silly subplot about Stallone strongly objecting to Russell's romantic interest in his sister, who has the noble job of exotic dancer in a bar and is apparently expected to take up with a better class of suitor. The plot is full of holes.

Most of this film is done strictly for laughs (well, grins). Even the violence is played for comic effect. Most of the jokes are not particularly funny, but there is certainly plenty of action to keep things moving along. The pacing and editing are well done and the stunt work and special effects are first-rate.

If you like a fast-paced action film and don't mind putting your mind on hold, this one is okay. On a scale of one to 10, this film rates a five.

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