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Point Blank (À bout portant)

Non-stop crime action film

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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November 18, 2011 -- This French crime action film doesn't take long to get going and once it gets going it is supersonic until pretty close to the end of the film. It keeps going at full speed, almost never pausing for a breath. Even at top speed, the film cleverly allows its plot to unfold as it should, while explaining what is happening as the main characters are on the run, being chased all over Paris by the bad guys.

The main character is a hospital worker Samuel Pierret (played by Gilles Lellouche) who is studying to be a nurse. His life is going along pretty well until one day he saves the life of a dangerous criminal, Hugo Sartet (Roschdy Zem) after somebody tries to kill him in his hospital bed. Pierret suddenly finds himself in the middle of a deadly struggle between dangerous criminals and some other people who are even more dangerous. All he wants to do is save the life of his pregnant wife, Nadia (Elena Anaya) who has been kidnapped by one of these two dangerous groups. Through a series of circumstances, Pierret and Sartet become unwilling allies who must work together in order to stay alive, and for Pierret to save his wife.

Pierret and Sartet find themselves on the run, being chased all over Paris by the bad guys. Their faces and names are in the news as wanted fugitives. Everyone is on the lookout for them. Their chances for survival don't look good, particularly after Sartet's brother is killed and Nadia is taken captive by another group, which has targeted all of them for death to protect a deadly secret.

They must unravel the mystery of why they have been targeted and find a way to get themselves, and Nadia, out of this deadly trap. Gilles Lellouche is very good in the lead role as he runs through a whole gamut of emotions from fear to anger as he tries to deal with an impossible situation. Elena Anaya is also very good as she fights for her life in a series of very difficult situations. She is particularly good in a scene where she fights to stay alive as another person tries to kill her in a restroom by pushing her out of a window. Also good is Gérard Lanvin, who plays the primary villain, and Roschdy Zem, who plays his worthy adversary. Mireille Perrier has a small, but important role as a policewoman who tries to do the right thing. Valérie Dashwood does a great job playing a very cold, evil, scary person.

This high-speed thriller with some good chase scenes works well if you don't think about it too much, and the fast pace gives you no time to think. It amounts to one long chase. This film rates a B.

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