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Laramie Movie Scope:
Dude, Where's My Car?

A stupid, but funny comedy

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by Robert Roten, Film Critic
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March 25, 2001 -- "Dude, Where's My Car?" is a lot like "Dumb and Dumber," except it isn't quite so mean-spirited and there are not as many bathroom jokes in it.

The story has Jesse Montgomery (played by Ashton Kutcher of "Down to You") and his pal Chester Greenburg (Seann William Scott of "American Pie") waking up one day seemingly so wasted they can't remember the previous evening. The key to the mystery seems to be their missing car, so they spend the day trying to find it, encountering strange cults, ostrich-infested compounds, alien creatures and even stranger stuff along the way.

The movie consists of a series of really stupid hit and miss jokes, pratfalls and sight gags. Surprisingly, there are more hits than misses. The script, by Philip Stark, even has the guts to make a comic play on the homoerotic subtext of the relationship between the two main characters. The two young stars are likeable. Their characters seem good-hearted and inoffensive as well as being clueless. This screwball comedy features various aliens and a device which can destroy the universe. There are some similarities between this film and "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Kutcher and Scott are good as the goofy comic heroes. Also starring are Jennifer Garner of "Deconstructing Harry" as Wanda and Marla Sokoloff of "Sugar and Spice" as Wilma, the girlfriends of the main characters. Fabio has a cameo in the film and Brent Spiner (who played Data in some Star Trek movies) has a small role as well. Director Danny Leiner does a good job pacing the film fast enough so you don't have time to dwell on anything too long. This film rates a C+.

Click here for links to places to buy this movie in video and/or DVD format, the soundtrack, books, even used videos, games and lots of other stuff. I suggest you shop at least two of these places before buying anything. Prices seem to vary continuously. For more information on this film, click on this link to The Internet Movie Database. Type in the name of the movie in the search box and press enter. You will be able to find background information on the film, the actors, and links to much more information.

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