Laramie Astronomical Society and Space Observers
Astronomy links for teachers

  • NASA educator's page
  • NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory teachers page
  • NASA-JPL classroom projects
  • Space Place images
    (NASA-JPL space images for teachers)
  • Mars classroom projects
    (Projects and quizes for kids with a Mars theme)
  • Mars teaching resources
    (Teacher resources from the NASA Mars team)
  • Women of NASA

  • Other space-related teaching resources

  • Astronomy teaching resources
    (From Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution)
  • Aastronomy resources for homeschoolers
  • Astronomers Without Borders
    (A group trying to reaching the next generation of astronomers
    developing a database of astronomers who can speak at schools)
  • Heavens Above
    (Shows positions of satellites and space stations from anywhere on earth)
  • Izzy's Skylog free astronomy software
  • The Hubble Space Telescope site
  • Aurora photos and links by Jan Curtis
  • SpaceWeather.com
    (includes aurora gallery, solar, asteroid and other space news reports)
  • Old Farmer's Almanac astronomy, sun, moon, planets rise, set calculator
  • Sagan Planet Walk -- how to set up a playground walk to demonstrate the vast size of our solar system
  • SETI at Home
    (search for extraterrestrial intelligence using your home computer)
  • Teachers and kids resources from the Wyoming Space Grant Consortium
  • A View of Outer Space From Your Window (a wide variety of space links for teachers, students and the general public)

  • Observatories and Planetaria

    Laramie Area:

  • University of Wyoming Astronomy
  • Wyoming Infrared Observatory
  • University of Wyoming Red Buttes Observatory
  • University of Wyoming Observatories, including STAR Observatory
  • University of Wyoming Planetarium
  • Wyoming:

  • Casper Planetarium

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