Public Notice

Pursuant to W.S. 16-3-1-3, the Albany County Planning and Zoning Commission gives notice of Public Hearing concerning the adoption of additions to the Albany County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations regarding a definition of "suburban lots," landscaping of residential subdivisions on major corridors and outdoor signage amendments to be held on June 16, 2003 at 7:00 p.m., in the County Commissioners Chambers, Albany County Courthouse, Room 201, 525 Grand Avenue in Laramie, WY.

Pursuant to W.S. 16-3-103, the Albany County Board of County Commissioners give notice to a Public Hearing concerning the adoption of the additions to the Albany County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations regarding a definition of "suburban lots," landscaping of residential subdivisions on major corridors and outdoor signage amendments to be held on July 15, 2003 at 9:30 a.m., in the County Commissioners Chambers, Albany County Courthouse, Room 201,

525 Grand Avenue in Laramie, WY.

A copy of the abovementioned additions to the Albany County Zoning Regulations is available for public review at the Albany County Planning Office, 525 Grand Avenue in Laramie, Wyoming. The public is invited to attend the public hearings or submit written comments. All comments received at the Albany County Planning Office on or before the date of the public hearing will become part of the public record for this application.


Regarding "suburban lot" definition:



Section 3:

Suburban Lots. Parcels of land which are created in sizes of more than thirty five (35) acres and not more than eighty one (81) acres.


Regarding "Landscaping":

Subdivision Resolution

Chapter VI

Section 8. Landscaping

A. Purpose.

The purposes of these regulations are to provide for the enhancement of the county image, buffer between incompatible land uses by reducing excessive noise, air, and visual pollution, preserve the integrity of residential neighborhoods and to provide for the general health, safety, and welfare of the public by means of landscaping during community development.

B. Relationship to Other Regulations and Laws.

If other municipal, county, state and federal laws and regulations or subsequent Albany County resolutions place more restrictive standards pursuant to landscaping, those more restrictive standards under the appropriate jurisdiction will apply.

C. Affected Land Uses.

1. This section shall apply to new residential subdivisions, including mobile home parks, within the major corridors of the unincorporated areas of Albany County. The major corridors are Interstate 80 and highways 287, 230, and 130.

2. The requirements shall not apply to any completed applications filed with the Albany County Planning Office prior to the effective date of this resolution.

3. The requirements shall not apply to small subdivisions (three or less parcels).

D. Definition of Terms

1. "Berm" means an earthen mound designed to screen undesirable views and/or decrease noise levels.

2. "Buffer" means natural or man-made physical elements, such as plants, trees, fences or walls, which separate and screen land uses from one another.

3. "Caliper" means a standard for trunk measurement of nursery stock that is measured from a specified distance above the ground.

4. "Coniferous" means a plant with foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year.

5. "Deciduous" means a plant with foliage that is shed annually.

6. "Gross Floor Space" means the sum of all floor areas of a building used for human habitation or for business operations.

7. "Landscaping" means the use of organic and inorganic materials and man-made structures that present an expansion of natural and buffering scenery.

8. "Organic Landscape Materials" means living vegetative material.

9. "Shrub" means a woody plant that usually remains low and produces shoots or stems from the base and is not usually tree-like or single-stemmed.

E. Process

Before final issuance of the subdivision permit for affected properties, a plan showing the location, landscaping components, and method of irrigation or watering of the landscape, shall be submitted to the Albany County Planning Office for review and approval.

F. Landscape Standards.

1. These landscape standards will be the minimum requirements for compliance. However, it is encouraged that those land uses affected by this landscaping standard be implemented which exceed these minimal standards.

2. The following provisions shall be the minimum standards for the composition and positioning of landscape elements when buffering between specified land uses:

a. Adjacent to major corridor rights-of-ways, the developer shall place one coniferous tree for every fifty (50) linear feet along the property’s highway frontage within twenty (20) feet of the road right-of-way. Additionally, there shall be placed four tall shrubs, which shall reach a height of at least four feet at maturity, for every fifty (50) linear feet along the parcel’s road frontage.

b. Two deciduous trees may be substituted for any required coniferous tree. The minimum caliper of deciduous trees shall be at least one and one-half (1 ˝) inches and a size of eight (8) feet in height. The minimum height for coniferous trees shall be five (5) feet. The minimum size for shrubs shall be a five-gallon (5) container.

c. Alternate landscaping plans, which may include clustering of organic landscaping components or substituting more and smaller components, may be submitted to the Planning Office for consideration as an alternative plan.

3. A mixture of organic materials is encouraged. It is also encouraged that landscaping material and design shall be produced with consideration for efficient and effective water use when and where the elements are placed and under conditions of low water levels or drought.

4. Landscaping shall be placed so as not to have an adverse effect on access to utilities, underground or overhead, or interference with vision at roadway intersections.

    1. Installation and maintenance responsibility of the landscaping shall lie with the developer until such time as individual owners or a homeowner’s association assumes continuing maintenance responsibilities. Dead trees or shrubs shall be replaced by July 1 of every year with plant material, equivalent to type and size when planted.
    2. Landscape features shall be kept reasonably free of refuse, noxious weeds, clippings, and miscellaneous trash. Such weeds, refuse, clippings and miscellaneous trash shall be disposed of in an appropriate and safe manner. Prohibited noxious weeds are described in Section 11-12-104 of the Wyoming Statutes.
    3. Landscaping plans shall be referred to other appropriate agencies for their review and comment. Agencies, for possible referrals, include the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service, Laramie Rivers Conservation District, State Forestry Office, and the Albany county Extension Office.


Regarding "Outdoor Signs":

Zoning Resolution

Chapter V

Section 6. Zoning Certificate - Outdoor Signs.

A. General Requirements. The following general requirements are applicable to all signs erected subsequent to the date of adoption of this Zoning Resolution.

1. Illumination of a sign is permitted provided that no flashing lights, or rotating or revolving beams are used. and that all direct light is shielded and is directed toward the sign and away from any residential areas, and that the light source is not directly visible from and does not shine upon any adjacent publicly dedicated roadway and surrounding property, and that the light does not interfere with or distract a motorist's vision from normal safe driving. All external light fixtures illuminating a sign shall be shielded so that light is confined to the surface of the sign and is directed downward and away from public roadways and residential areas.

B. Exempt Signs. The following shall be deemed to be excluded from regulation under this Resolution.

2. Political campaign signs where the sign face shall not exceed thirty-two six (6) (32) square feet in area. Such signs must be removed within 30 days after the election they were posted for, except primary campaign signs which are to also be used for the general election. Such primary campaign signs are allowed to be in place between the elections but must be removed within 30 days after the general election.

3. Special event signs shall not exceed thirty-two six (6) (32) square feet in area that are posted for a period no longer than 30 days. Special events are those events which occur annually or less frequently than annually.

C. Off-Premise Signs. All off-premise signs shall conform to the following requirements.

2. Size and Specifications

(a) Off-premise signs shall have a sign face of no more than 300 square feet. if located adjacent to Interstate-80. Off-premise signs not located next to Interstate-80 shall have a face of no more than sixty-four (64) square feet in area.

(b) Double-faced signs shall be permitted provided such signs are mounted on the same structure at no more than a 45 degree angle so that only one sign face is visible from any given direction.

(c) No off-premise sign shall exceed twenty five (25) feet in height, if located adjacent to Interstate-80, or sixteen (16) feet in height if located elsewhere, as measured from the centerline of the nearest roadway to the highest point of the sign.