The great American solar eclipse:
The best American solar eclipse since 1918

Click the above headline or eclipse photo for more about the eclipse and photos by LASSO members.

LASSO meetings: dates and times

Meetings are usually held at the Laramie Fire Substation meeting room, 23rd and Reynolds (1558 N. 23rd St.) at 7:30 p.m., usually on the second Thursday of each month.

Next LASSO meeting
No meeting scheduled
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no LASSO meetings are scheduled at this time.

Weekend Under The Stars:
The biggest star party
in southeastern Wyoming
permanently canceled due to incivility by neighboring campers
(click on the fox photo below for more information)

Click here for a report on a typical Weekend Under the Stars event which happened in 2002.

Cheyenne Astronomical Society
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