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Laramie Movie Scope:
The Peanuts Movie

Animated feature of characters created by Charles M. Schulz

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by Patrick Ivers, Film Critic
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(2015) Schroeder (voiced by Noah Johnston) plays the 20th Century Fox theme music on his red piano for this animated feature of characters created by Charles M. Schulz in his comic strip, directed by Steve Martino from a screenplay by Bryan Schulz, Craig Schulz, and Cornelius Uliano, in which Good Ol' Charlie Brown - compassionate, honest, kind, brave, funny, and gullible - is full of surprises.

Woodstock flies among the snowflakes while Snoopy lies face up atop his doghouse covered in snow. Sally shouts: "No school today!" When the other kids in the neighborhood prepare to form teams for a hockey game on the iced-over pond, Charlie Brown (voiced by Noah Schnapp) instead tries to fly his new kite. "You will never get that kite to fly," declares Lucy (voiced by Hadley Belle Miller). "Good grief."

Next Charlie Brown practices pitching with a snowman for a batter. A new kid is moving into the neighborhood. Charlie Brown asks Snoopy: "Why is it that everything I try turns out wrong? Sometimes I wonder if the kids really like me. Maybe that new kid will see me for who I really am, like you."

As the kids all go to school, Snoopy's denied entrance. Linus (voiced by Alex Garfin) says to Charlie Brown of the crimson-colored model airplane he's brought to class for show-and-tell: "This is the same plane flown by Manfred von Richthofen…. The Red Baron." When the Little Red-Haired Girl (voiced by Francesca Angelucci Capaldi) enters the classroom, Charlie Brown's smitten, wanting desperately to make a good impression, but he suffers terribly from inadequacy.

At his typewriter atop his doghouse, Snoopy composes his fantasy of being a World War I Flying Ace challenging the Red Baron as well as being in love with Fifi, a pilot in her own right: "Curse you, Red Baron!"

Charlie Brown the Blockhead seeks advice from Lucy at the psychiatrist stand: "I just need to know the secret to winning her heart." Showing Charlie Brown his reflection in a mirror, Lucy says full of sarcasm: "This is the face of failure. A classic failure face. Do you think girls like failures, Charlie Brown? Girls want someone with proven success…. If you really want to impress girls, you need to show them you're a winner."

In the talent show, with Franklin (voiced by Marleik "Mar Mar" Walker) as emcee, for which Charlie Brown with Snoopy has prepared to perform magic tricks, Charlie spares his sister Sally from humiliation during her lame roping-cowgirl act. "You know, Charlie Brown, if you like her so much, why not just walk up to her and introduce yourself?" wisely suggests Linus.

In preparation for the Winter Dance, Snoopy ("Never give up") demonstrates dance moves for Charlie Brown. Assigned to the Little Red-Haired Girl for his book-report partner, Charlie Brown (still not having spoken to her) decides he will write the book report entirely on his own since she's away for the weekend visiting with her ailing grandmother. He gets a recommendation from Peppermint Patty (Venus Omega Schultheis), who had received a list of the greatest books from Marcie (Rebecca Bloom), to read Leo's Toy Store by Warren Piece.

By receiving a 100% score on the standardized test - never before achieved by any pupil in the school - Charlie Brown suddenly becomes a celebrity as a boy genius: "I have heard peanut butter is brain food." Lucy even admits: "I may have been wrong about you."

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