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Laramie Movie Scope:
Orgies and the Meaning of Life

A stick figure having sex seeks a portal to the 3D world

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by Patrick Ivers, Film Critic
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(2008) We don't reveal to others our most intimate thoughts for fear of appearing freakish. Nearly 30, broke, living in his parents' house (not the one in which they reside in Chicago) with Denny (Katherine Carlson), a lesbian from Canada who broke up with Sally, Baxter Goode (Brad T. Gottfred, director and writer of this independent film) is struggling to finish his book, A Stick Figure Having Sex, and find the one woman who can make him eternally happy. Denny insists there's no such person.

When he has sex with women, such as Claire ("I didn't find what I was looking for with you"), he fantasizes an orgy with his ex-wife Leslie (Jackie Mah) along with other women who come to mind to sustain an erection. "Always tell the truth": Baxter has flashbacks of being a child with his dad, a Christian minister and successful author of self-help books (printed in 34 languages), regurgitating the five lessons of "How to Be a Good Stick Figure."

In the book (depicted in animation) - "God was a lonely kid who never fit in" - his protagonist, Baxter with blue hair, is searching for the portal into the 3-D world, which his father says doesn't exist. To distract himself from loneliness and despair, Baxter has sex with someone he cannot love.

"Honor commitments": in an online chat Allison11-11 (Lindsay Wray) agrees to a date; they join Baxter's imaginary female companions - Leslie, Samantha, Adelaide, Rebecca, and a mystery girl of the future - in the hot tub, who draw cards to see who will help Baxter with his problem. Allison runs off.

A neighbor, Theodore (Michael Okarma), shows up in the backyard and on the roof, looking for his dog Theodore, who is the same as himself except female. In his job as a courier for Crosstown, Baxter repeatedly during the week attempts to deliver a parcel to Ivan Michigan; he finds a turtle in the road and moves it (follow God's path) to one side and then the other.

He visits his father's agent, Andrea Kuntner (Julie Hays), but Dad, who wants Baxter to return to Chicago (love is the language of God, learn to speak it), is adamantly opposed to his son's publishing a book of pornography.

Invited over to Allison's - "Dancing in slow motion on the moon" - he asks her: "Why did you run? Where are you from?" She suggests a solution to his writer's block: "A girl has to save him, of course."

As for the One, the stick figure with green eyes and a beard, the meaning of life? Clue: spell "dog" backward. Another: at the end of the credits, Sally appears with Denny.

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