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Laramie Movie Scope:
Knight and Day

Fast, furious, violent spy-thriller comedy with plenty of twists and tricks

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by Patrick Ivers, Film Critic
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(2010) Fast and furious with pursuits and pyrotechnics, less believable than the last Die Hard, secret agent Roy Miller (Tom Criuse), after playing a video game ("You are Dead") and swiping a toy knight off a store shelf, twice bumps into June Havens (Cameron Diaz) in the Wichita, Kansas, airport before saying to her, "Sometimes things happen for a reason," when she's told the plane's full but he's let on.

But then she's told there's been a mistake, allowing her to board a nearly empty commercial jetliner on the way to Boston. On a turbulent flight, after Roy tells her a list of places he'd like to visit, she makes a trip to the restroom while he kills everyone else onboard, including the pilots; when she comes out, he says, "I have contained the situation," then makes an emergency landing in a cornfield in Indiana.

He gives June a drug ("for your own good") along with instructions about bad people who will say they are FBI and that he's a crazy rogue. She wakes up in her row house in Boston to help with preparations for her sister April's wedding only to be taken into custody by the FBI, with special-agent John Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) in charge, saying the code words Roy told her for danger and death: "secure location," "contained," "safe place," "till the situation is stabilized."

It's a violent comedy from director James Mangold and screenwriter Patrick O'Neill, with plenty twists and tricks in their bag, parodying the spy-thriller genre that has been a parodied at least since True Lies. June's attracted to ultra-cool Roy ("I got this") who attracts bad guys and worse guys (Antonio Quintana's army) because they are attracted to the Zephyr battery (a perpetual energy source), hidden inside the toy knight, that Simon Feck (Paul Dano) created in his lab.

Drugged yet again because she's having trouble coping during yet another incredibly savage attack, she wakes to find she's on a tropical island in a red bikini with Roy, demanding to know how she got into it. Next they're on a train with Simon passing through the Alps in Austria where they once again escape a crisis of assassination.

From her hotel room in Salzburg, she stealthily follows Roy to a rendezvous with a girl Naomi, with whom June overhears him say of her that "she's nobody" before negotiating a price. After Roy magically eludes their clutches, the FBI agents and Director Isabel George (Viola Davis) - convinced that June's "gone nowhere, been nowhere" and is "nobody" - attempt to persuade June that Roy is a spy dealing with international gun traffickers, having used her as his mule.

If you aren't convinced of the implausibility of the events in this film yet, before the conclusion you'll be introduced to Frank and Molly Knight, who've won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes twice and a lottery.

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