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Laramie Movie Scope:
Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

A remorseless man of compassion untangles a deadly mystery

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by Patrick Ivers, Film Critic
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(2006) A female's body, badly decomposed, comes to the surface in a lake outside Paradise prior to a domestic-violence case brought before Police Chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck), a remorseless man of compassion. When drunk, Jerry Snyder (John Diehl) often hits his wife Vivian (Debra Christofferson), who refuses to press charges or divorce him because she says she's a Catholic, "fat and stupid, and I look like hell."

During a long-distance phone conversation, Jesse's ex-wife Jenn (Gillian Anderson's voice) suggests that he see a psychiatrist about his drinking-alone problem, a doctor her shrink recommends.

Capt Healy (Stephen McHattie), the state commander of homicide, reports that the victim, a fourteen-year-old girl, who was pregnant, drowned about three weeks earlier. Luther "Suitcase" Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) finds a class ring near the lake, which Jesse traces to William "Hooker" Royce (Matt Barr), a senior and honor student on his way to playing baseball for Duke, from an interview with the private school's headmistress, Dr Lilly Summers (Orla Brady). Elinor "Billie" Bishop, to whom Hooker had given his ring, had been "the school pump," though previous to her transfer two years before she'd been an A student.

Jesse begins paying for sessions with Dr Dix (William Devane), an ex-cop and former drunk, who informs Jesse that Jenn had told him that her former spouse has "a hyperactive sense of responsibility." Jesse admits to blaming himself for the divorce (even though she had an affair) and for Abby Taylor's murder (see Stone Cold); he also feels he owes Billie the favor of finding her killer.

Several characters die in this adaptation of Robert B. Parker's novel (teleplay by J.T. Allen, Tom Selleck, and Michael Brandman), directed by Robert Harmon, involving child molestation.

Jesse uses an unorthodox approach with Mr Snyder. Dr Summers proposes that they do "the afterward" first before enjoying a dinner date together. During an interview with Emily (Mae Whitman) and Hank Bishop (Edward Edwards), Billie's parents, Jesse learns that their younger daughter left home with her father's good-riddance for drugs, sex, and failing grades.

To Jesse, Billie's cynical older sister Sandy (Maria Ricossa), in college, expresses harsh disdain for her father. From Sandy, Jesse pursues a path to a shelter for girls in Boston run by Sister Mary John (Kerri Smith), which next leads him to Norman Shaw (Gary Basaraba), a successful author (his book, Sargasso Sea, had been in Billie's bedroom) and benefactor of Dr Summer's school.

Two more individuals, a respectable member of a Boston crime syndicate, Leo Finn (Steven Flynn) - the subject of Shaw's next book - and his gunsel Lovey Norris (Brendan Kelly), fill out the principal cast, which includes officers Molly Crane (Viola Davis) and Tony D'Angelo (Vito Rezza), as well as Jesse's dog Reggie, in lesser roles. Carole Genest (Liisa Repo-Martell), who had a larger part in Night Passage, appears as a cashier in the local grocery store, where two additional fatalities take place. Relying on his "coply intuition," Jesse brings together the evidence - cinderblocks, rope, and pills - to untangle and then reconstruct the loosened knots of this crime's mystery.

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