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Laramie Movie Scope:
Anti Matter

Female researcher trapped in sci-fi enigma

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by Patrick Ivers, Film Critic
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(2017, English and Spanish) If a mirror breaks, where does the image in its reflection go? Ana Carter (Yaiza Figueroa) is a PhD student in chemistry at Oxford. An immigrant from America in England, she calls her mother frequently. Twenty-two years before, her mother recorded on a cassette tape her playing the piano.

While performing electromagnetic-pulse experiments, an electron disappears. "Where's it going?" asks Nathan (Tom Barber-Duffy), whom she's known for six years: "And how?" In need of additional computer power, they seek help from Olivia (Philippa Carson), who suggests hacking into servers, though it's illegal.

Next a marble and then a Rubik's cube are transported short distances. Ana theorizes they've created a wormhole through which objects can be teleported. "We're going to be gods!" exclaims Liv, sending products across the planet, changing the world. But they need funding.

Can something living be teleported? First a caterpillar and then a cat. Outside the laboratory, anti-animal-testing protesters assemble with signs, some wearing animal masks. For a final test of a human guinea pig, Ana draws the short matchstick. "What if ?" Nate asks without completing his thought.

Written and directed by Keir Burrows, Ana falls through a wormhole into a sci-fi enigma without CGI. An intruder wearing an ape mask grabs Ana's laptop, scientific papers, passport, etc, while she's in her room. As she grapples with him, the pair defenestrate through the window, landing in a trash bin. Pursuing the thief, Ana trips, falls, hits her head, unconscious.

She can't recall what happened during the experiment and begins to suspect collusion between Liv and Nate. "Nobody's after our project," he tries to assure Ana: "Don't be paranoid." Still, she feels as though she's being pushed aside from her own work.

Taking her out for a sushi dinner, Nate pleads with Ana - "I need you to trust me" - to write down "Stop investigating" in her notebook; her faulty memory leaves her clueless each new day. When he declines to kiss her, she refuses to accede to his request.

A virus infection originating from one of the labs has drawn the attention of GCHQ, suspecting cyber terrorism. Rather than her having been knocked out as the cause of her memory loss, Ana suspects that something went wrong during her trip through the wormhole, through which only matter may pass: "What if I went through but my soul was left behind?"

A conversation with her mother raises further consternation. In the library, Ana inquires of a neuroscience student: "Does human memory have mass?" Memories are electrical activity in the brain: electricity is electrons, and electrons have mass. To avoid forgetting, she tries to stay awake all night.

After an altercation with Nate, wounding him in the neck with a pistol shot, he confesses: "You're the light that got left behind."

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