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Alan Partridge

Humor for Brits only

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by Patrick Ivers, Film Critic
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(2014) Maybe because I'm not British but I didn't think this comedy directed by Declan Lowney (screenplay by Peter Baynham, Steve Coogan, Neil and Rob Gibbons, Armando Iannucci based on characters created by Baynham, Coogan, Iannucci, and Patrick Marber) was particularly funny. On Midmorning Matters for North Norfolk Digital Radio, DJ Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) says to his sidekick Simon (Tim Key): "Never, never criticize Muslims. Only, only Christians. And Jews a little bit."

At program's conclusion, fellow DJ Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) pops his head through the door to announce that the station's being taken over by Gordale Media. Alan, confident of his stature, says: "So?" He drives a car with advertising: "Alan Partridge drives this KIA."

At a board meeting, Alan begins a defense of Farrell until he realizes either he or Pat will get sacked. "Just sack Pat" is Alan's coda. To ameliorate his guilt, his assistant Lynn Benfield (Felicity Montagu) suggests, since Pat is Irish, a donation to Sinn Fein.

With a shotgun, Pat takes over the station along with holding hostages, including Jason Tresswell, (Nigel Lindsay), the head of Gordale Media. Police and Crime Commissioner Janet Whitehead (Anna Maxwell Martin) along with Scotland Yard agent Martin Finch (Darren Boyd) ask Alan if he'd be willing to be a go-between, since Farrell believes Partridge alone took his side.

Alan finds Simon wrapped in silver tape with a tubular handle attached to the headpiece for inserting the shotgun. Demanding that the hostages produce a jingle to be aired against Gordale Media in one hour or Tresswell will have his toes, knees, hands blasted off - "Basically, anything you've got two of" - Pat threatens, to which Alan pauses for a moment: "Oh, yeah, two-faced."

One of the hostages says he was the drummer for Marillion (British neo-progressive band formed in 1979 and still performing, though no one in the cast of characters or actual actors has the name Ian Mosley).

To Alan, Pat expresses his deep disappointment of having reached his late 50s without having much to show for it - no wife or children and now no career. Much the same might be said of Partridge, who's divorced, except for his egocentricity. He's making the most of becoming a celebrity during the siege.

When an opportunity presents itself to take possession of Pat's weapon, Alan loses his nerve while fantasizing about being heroic as Jason Statham, Jason Bourne, and Jason Argonaut. A video of Alan on a tether talking to the police becomes a bigger hit on Youtube than "Fat woman falls down a hole."

Romancing with hostage Angela Ashbourne (Monica Dolan) is followed by his getting caught on camera without his trousers, costing him some of his earlier popularity. In the yellow Norwich broadcasting van, Alan and Pat with Simon take the show on the road - leaving the hostages behind - until Pat realizes he's been duped all along by Alan. In an armed standoff, Alan holding an air rifle, Pat recalls that from this pier he scattered his wife Molly's ashes. "Like bin Laden," Alan remarks.

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